About Crispy -

I have 20+ years experience in repair and running a friendly, competitive motorcycle business.
 Having been involved with Motorcycles since an early age riding around on a push bike with cardboard taped to the wheels pretending to make motorbike noises, until getting my first engined bike at around age 8.

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I left school and trained as a mechanic, although ended up stuck in a garage working on boring old cars! I didn't last long working as a car mechanic, but continued to work on friends' bikes with recommendations to work on other people's as well.

In 2001 I competed in the British MCRC 600cc championship for three seasons (picking up the nickname 'Crispy' along the way) at tracks such as Brands Hatch and Silverstone.


I finished 3rd in the National Championship in my final year having had virtually no sponsorship and doing all of the Motorcycle Tech myself. No pit crew for me! Working under pressure between races, sometimes rebuilding an entire bike from the frame up after a 'spill' or completing an engine rebuild after a blow up was often all in a day's racing. It was around this time I began increasing my workload as a motorcycle tech, first working by the roadside, then from my workshop (OK shed!) until realising it was time for bigger premises (an even bigger shed) which I rented in Blagdons Business Park, then moving again to a unit in Chantry Mill Plympton which is where we are now located.

I like to build healthy relationships with my customers, some of which have been coming to me for years. I don't profess to be some kind of guru that can diagnose a problem just by listening to the exhaust note or tasting the antifreeze (actually I've done that before!) but by systematically checking and relying on past experience we can get your ride running sweet again :-)